SW Developer & System Administrator 

Are you a Startup’s passionate? Are you in love with DevOps, integration and Automation? Do you strongly believe in Code and NoCode mixed for the best result? Do you believe that a company is a successful company if it empowers people? If yes, this is the right call for you.

Please read the Job description carefully! All documentation submitted must be in english.

About the position

In Inpoi we’re looking for a DevOps to support our team in all tech activities. 

What’s on the plate? The opportunity to work in a wholesome squad in an ethic enterprise and of course, a continuous training, because we believe that no one ever stops learning. We work in fully remote, and we use sprint methodology to monitor the work processes. We believe in and empower people and gender diversity. We have strong ethics and we stick to it.

Who are we looking for? We believe in our Mission so we are looking for like-minded people. Our Mission is to disrupt Real Estate business through automation and empowerment of matching between users and all services around their properties, from selling to renovation. Our goal is to scale user helping by creating processes to best serve them.

 Does it resonate? Let’s talk about Basics, Skills and Minimum requirements



Work Enviroment

Minimum requirements

You must be Passionate about the Startup ecosystem and Automation. We are looking for a never give up approach. We love people that question everything and want to learn. We love critical thinkers, and we love doers and problem solvers. 

Have you got these skills? Wonderful but have you the Zen-Requirements? (spoiler: you won’t learn them in any e-course or universities).


Integrity should permeate every aspect of your job. Results + Integrity + Concern = Level of Trust


Always show empathy among your colleagues and everyone else.

Emphasis on Quality of Work

If you show dedication and commitment to coming up with excellent results in your work, then your work ethic will shine.

Our Commitment

We strongly believe in ethics, positive impact, and definitely, we believe in people. Developing, retaining and keeping our people engaged and motivated is essential. We are committed to our employees/freelancers with a willingness to develop their skills, promote diversity and safeguard their health and happiness at work.

We believe that being a responsible company means giving a fair salary, looking out for people wellbeing, and combining operational excellence with personal development.

Are you ready to apply and be part of this big design?

Complete the application; we’ll organise a call with you as soon as possible.

All documentation submitted must be in english.

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